'Portrait 32: Courbet’  Digital Collage by Roberto Voorbij
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'Portrait 32: Courbet’ Digital Collage by Roberto Voorbij

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This is a limited edition of the original digital collage ‘Portrait 32: Courbet’ from the Artist Portrait series by Roberto Voorbij. Each work is signed by the artist and printed on archival Klein Imaging Smooth Rag.

The print measures 61 x 81cm (edition of 6) or 30x 40 cm (edition of 10).

Portrait 32 is part of the ongoing series ‘Artist Portraits’ by Visual and 3D artist Roberto Voorbij. It’s a limited edition giclée print featuring French painter Gustav Courbet. The series of collages was originally commissioned by ARTISTS NOT ARMIES. All portraits of the series follow the same concept; an artist portrait in which the face of the artist is replaced by one of their most significant artworks. “Although the French Realist painter Gustave Courbet is seen as a political artist and even his landscapes have by some critics been retrospectively labeled as politically charged, these are for the painter himself primarily odes to this mythical location. Archetypal images that are linked to natural forces, natural violence, unfathomable depths. The confluence of artist and sea in ‘Portrait 32: Courbet’ hints at this origin of life. We exist for about 60% of water. The wave movements still resonate within us. The cadence of ebb and flow. The rhythm of nature.” Roberto Voorbij