TRXTR's work explores the complex themes inherent within western capitalist society, presenting the viewer with visual “campaigns” that at first glance promise fame, sex and money but on closer inspection suggest a darker, more menacing interpretation.

Incorporating archived images with his own photography, TRXTR makes reference to the destructive chaos caused by the mass of images we are presented within advertising and popular culture. He amplifies female stereotypes and symbolism; subconscious conditioning for the masses, in order to make the audience question its own desires and needs whilst suspending us within our own constant need to consume in order to fill a void created out of the confusion and multitude of messages.

The use of one word captions, sometimes indecipherable but always familiar, cleverly become headlines within the images. TRXTR powerfully captures how society is controlled and desensitised by language through constant reminders and affirmations within the media.

His recent artwork displays a distinctive style that fuses layer upon layer of digital collage both found and personal. These works are then hand-finished on archival canvas

TRXTR's work recently took the art market by storm with one of his pieces reaching five times the auction price at Bonhams Urban Art Auction in London...