Marcin Filip Cybulski

Marcin Filip Cybulski is a Polish artist, living and working in London since 2006. In his art Marcin explores the formal possibilities of multimedia collage favouring a silkscreen printing technique deployed across a wide range of supports and surfaces, such as wood, textiles and paper. His method is inspired by the accidents occurring during the printing process in which he accepts and actively encourages the uncontrolled spreading and splattering of the ink, or the tracks and textures caused by insufficient quantity of pigment passing through the screen.

Through the years, Marcin has developed a highly personal and peculiar iconography in which the human figure interacts with the fundamental emblems of geometry such as the triangle, the circle and the cruciform, bringing together the contingency and chaotic nature of the former with the stability and symmetry of the latter. The artist offers a new and potentially liberating mode of constructing, representing and experiencing the human body, while at the same time, managing to depict the complex nature of the human psyche. He does so by representing the human figure as always fractal, plural and mobile, allowing his subjects to transmit the feeling of being in a constant research of identity in a modern world.

Marcin has recently graduated from MA printmaking at Middlesex University. Since then, his work has been greatly appreciated and exhibited around London. He participated in solo and group exhibitions such as ‘The Alchemy’ exhibition at Eclipse Chelsea London in 2017 and the ‘Print’ group exhibition at The Coningsby Gallery in 2016.