Dan Tague

Dan Tague has an MFA in Studio Arts from The University of New Orleans, and is a multi-media artist whose work is exhibited both nationally and internationally, including at The Opera Gallery, Monaco, Mouche Gallery, California, and Galerie Art Cube, Paris.

Tague is well known for his photographic series of political commentary as told through folded paper currency. He addresses the issues of our day by rendering visual equivalents in the most powerful medium. Installations, photography and artistic activism are his means of confronting and responding to the concerns of today’s world.

Tague is a pioneering artist whose thought provoking works have taken the world by storm, his hybrid works question war, morality, democracy and consumerism.

His work is in prominent collections including the Ogden Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, NOMA, Speed Art Museum, J House, Frederick Weisman Collection and Photo Magazine Brussels.

Dan Tague lives and works in New Orleans, LA.