AA Watson

Scottish artist AAWatson is known for his darkly humorous works of art, which blend the old and the new for a unique, contemporary aesthetic.

Conversely his foray into the artworld started by turning down a place from Glasgow school of art, instead deciding to launch a successful career into the corporate world. In early 2019 during a sabbatical, Watson started experimenting with old imagery and text, he put these works out into the public domain which immediately caught the attention of collectors and galleries.

His work takes influence from varied sources and often combines different genres and techniques. Taking old imagery and overlaying it with words and phrases depicted in gold leaf lettering to create something that is both relatable and cathartic. Timeless thoughts expressed in a modern and slightly subversive way that represents the inner monologue we all have (but rarely admit to).

AA Watsons humour and sharp wit resonates with collectors worldwide, he is represented throughout the UK by galleries including Art Republic and Select Gallery, London. He regularly shows at art fairs throughout the UK